Friday, July 11, 2014

Quick, Cheap, & Easy Photo Collage

I love pictures! But it has become very rare for me to actually print my pictures. They tend to live on my computer. When my husband and I got engaged (and subsequently married), we had two AMAZING photographers take pictures for us. The pictures were just too awesome to leave on my computer. I'd been hanging on to a beautiful empty 28in x 34in frame for a long time. I mean look at this thing...
I love the blueish-green patina.  Would this be categorized as a patina?  I have no idea.

So here's how to create your quick, cheap, & easy photo collage:

Step 1: Print out some of your favorite pictures.

Step 2: Find a really cool old frame. It doesn't need to have glass in it. Just the frame!  Go to the thrift store, find a cheap, ugly picture & dissect it if need be!

Step 3: Get some of this blue painter's tape.

Tip: Go with the name brand stuff (this is Duck brand).  It'll stick better.  I've learned from experience.

Step 4: Figure out how to hang your picture frame.  I just used two screws in the wall.  (ignore the pics for now-that's the next step)

Step 5: Pick your favorites and put blue painter's tape (roll-style) on the back, like so.

Step 6: Keep rearranging until you're happy.  Then it's super easy to change pictures out as desired. The painter's tape doesn't hurt the wall or the pictures but the pictures will stay up without a problem (these have been up for at least 4 years).

Here's the whole, finished product!

Happy collaging! 

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