Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amazingly Easy Ledges

I've been really obsessed with Ana White lately...  She has a ton of building plans for household furniture & decor.  The main thing I love about her plans is how easy she makes everything look!  As I was perusing her site a few weeks ago, I discovered her plans for Ten Dollar Ledges.  When I saw them, I immediately thought of my large stack of mostly unused cook books.  I picked the perfect spot for them beside our wide kitchen window.

I went to Home Depot to buy the wood.  I needed (2) 1x4 boards & (1) 1x2 board.  Each of the boards was 8 feet long.  The 8 foot 1x4s were $4.43 each & the 8 foot 1x2 was $3.98.

The original plan was mainly for one long 8 foot ledge (which I will be making for my library asap), but I wanted 4 smaller ledges, so I cut my boards to 24 inches each.  If you don't have a saw of your own, Home Depot will do the cuts for you. 

I used wood glue to attach the 1x4 to the 1x4 in an L shape.

Once the glue dried, I used 2 inch wood screws to permanently affix the boards together since the wood glue alone wasn't sufficient.

Then I attached the 1x2 front piece with some 2 inch long finishing nails.

I filled in the holes in the front (left by the finishing nails) with some wood filler.  

Once they were all complete, I painted them with some leftover paint I had from a previous project.

Once the paint dried, I sealed them with this clear matte spray paint.

Nothin' left to do but install!  I affixed my shelves to the studs to make them as sturdy as possible.  That is definitely the way to go!

Done & so easy!  Where could you use some of these awesome ledges in your house?

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