Sunday, February 23, 2014

Retro Desk Update

We had a winter break from school this week & Pinterest was my boredom preventer.  My latest project: Operation Retro Desk Update!

I've had this great desk for some time now...

I love the modern lines, but it needed an update.  I bought a great green/blue paint color a few months ago & decided it would be perfect for my desk!

I spray painted the legs with an off-white paint & primer spray paint.  I sealed it with a poly spray as well.

I got these knobs for a great price at IKEA during my last trip.  I love the retro look!

side view
Finished!  But I realized I didn't have a chair for the desk...
... And then I remembered I had a modge-podged monstrosity in the basement... A project gone bad. 

After lots of water and elbow grease...
... I got most of the modge-podged fabric (what was I thinking?!) off and chopped the legs down a bit...

Woo hoo!  Now I had a seat for my desk!  
Of course I spray painted it to match the desk legs first.

Then I decided I needed to replace our doorbell... 
... So I did that, too.

Tah-dah!!!  Don't you just love it?!?

The stool fits perfectly!

And here's what it looks like during the day.  The color is awesome!!

Now this is my special spot when Ben is playing video games or watching a sport that I don't want to watch... Which is pretty frequently.  In the summer, I'll get a great view of the green grass and bushes in my front yard.  Can't wait!

Have a great day!!!!

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