Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paint Chip Wall

I was browsing a few years ago & I saw a great post about a paint chip stairwell.  The original post ( was inspiring!  I loved it so much, I set out to make it a reality in our large spare bedroom.  

I went to my local home improvement store & purchased two gallons of paint (a gray & a light blue).  As my paint was being mixed, I asked the gentleman at the paint counter if I could take some paint chips.  "Sure" he said with a smile.  At that point, I added, "When I say I would like to take some paint chips, I mean I would like to take a whole lot of paint chips... So would it be okay if I were to take one of each?  For some art projects?"  He smiled even bigger & he said, "Sweetie, you go ahead & take what you need."  I would be lying if I said I wasn't embarrassed standing at the paint chips & taking way more than the average customer... Every time someone gave me a sideways glance, I said, "I know this looks ridiculous.  I asked beforehand."  Now, why did I feel the need to justify myself to total strangers?  I blame my people-pleasing, rule-following personality.  Once I gathered what I needed, I went to the paint counter & picked-up my 2 gallons, thanked the nice paint-man, & went on my way.  Before leaving I also picked up the other items I would need to create my paint chip wall.

You will need:
  • Paint chips (ask first--see above narrative)
  • Multiple cans of spray adhesive (this is how I attached them to the wall.  If I ever take the chips down, I'll need to do some refurb to make the wall like new again: beware)
  • Mask that will cover your nose & mouth
  • Protective glasses
  • Gloves (this stuff is super sticky!)
  • Large drop cloth (large enough to cover the area in which you'll be spraying)
  • A fan, open window, & anything else you can do to ventilate your area
  • Ladder (if necessary)

I started by determining the general layout.  I needed to figure out how many chips would fit in a row & how many rows would fit down the wall.  I also determined which chips would be next to each other on each consecutive row so the colors would not clash.

To adhere the chips to the wall, I sprayed adhesive onto the backside of the paint chips & placed it in the row.  I only did one row at a time & took several breaks (across several days) to keep myself from getting frustrated.

Don't forget your protective gear and your drop cloth.  You'll thank me later!!
As I was working, I tweeted my favorite HGTV Designer, David Bromstad (@bromco) about my pair chip wall & he tweeted me back!!!!!

I didn't end up taking his advice, but I still love him!

OH MY GOODNESSS!  This was such a highlight of my summer!  I just love him!  But back to the project...

Fast forward to the current state of things:

I got these wall shelves for super cheap at IKEA. 

Every now & then I have to touch up floppy corners.


I love it!

So there we have it!  Paint chip wall complete (for now).  Are you interested in creating your own paint chip wall?  Comment below!

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