Sunday, February 23, 2014

Retro Desk Update

We had a winter break from school this week & Pinterest was my boredom preventer.  My latest project: Operation Retro Desk Update!

I've had this great desk for some time now...

I love the modern lines, but it needed an update.  I bought a great green/blue paint color a few months ago & decided it would be perfect for my desk!

I spray painted the legs with an off-white paint & primer spray paint.  I sealed it with a poly spray as well.

I got these knobs for a great price at IKEA during my last trip.  I love the retro look!

side view
Finished!  But I realized I didn't have a chair for the desk...
... And then I remembered I had a modge-podged monstrosity in the basement... A project gone bad. 

After lots of water and elbow grease...
... I got most of the modge-podged fabric (what was I thinking?!) off and chopped the legs down a bit...

Woo hoo!  Now I had a seat for my desk!  
Of course I spray painted it to match the desk legs first.

Then I decided I needed to replace our doorbell... 
... So I did that, too.

Tah-dah!!!  Don't you just love it?!?

The stool fits perfectly!

And here's what it looks like during the day.  The color is awesome!!

Now this is my special spot when Ben is playing video games or watching a sport that I don't want to watch... Which is pretty frequently.  In the summer, I'll get a great view of the green grass and bushes in my front yard.  Can't wait!

Have a great day!!!!

Spare Room Redesign

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
When I moved into my house, I had way more stuff to move than I originally thought.  I couldn't believe it when we filled an entire mid-sized U-haul (plus a couple cars) with stuff!  But even though I had a lot of stuff, I had very little furniture. (notice the emphasis on stuff... I am a recovering stuff collector, but getting better every day)

This meant I had two choices:
 1) Go into debt filling my house with furniture so every room feels "lived-in" 
2) Buy furniture as needed and only when finances allow

Of course, I chose option #2.  I'm not a fool!  But it's driven me crazy for two years and I'm finally ready to bring some design to our large spare bedroom.

Currently the layout looks like this:

& the reality looked like this:

It was a mess & there was little/no organization.  I rarely opened the door to this room so it wasn't a big deal... But I really wanted a craft area/office.  

Here was the plan for the redesign:

Whaddaya think?!?!  I'm probably not going to seriously tackle this until spring break since my wonderful winter break is coming to a close.  Or maybe I'll do it in stages.  Or maybe it won't be done until summer... Oh, who knows!  But at least I have a plan now.  When I open the door & I'm immediately struck with pangs of disorganization, I can tell myself to chill--for now.


UPDATE 2/22/2014
I think 2 years is about enough time to update you on my progress!  Hah!  I started by moving the furniture:

Before: I once thought this was the perfect place for the bed but I've changed my mind.
Take note of the wood piece on the left back there... You'll see it again.  Oh, and that piece on the right in the back, too... 

When I moved the bed (which my Dad and I made about 15 years ago), I had to remove the box spring and mattress because it was wayyyyyy too heavy to move.

At this point in moving the furniture, I realized I needed to move the desk
since that was where I was planning on putting the bed.

So I moved the desk, but as I was moving the desk, I discovered something....

[This is where my design weakness come in... I get started on a project, but then I discover other things I can work on!  So I stop the current project and embark on the second one before I finish the first.  Whoops!]

The surface tile thingies on the desk pop out....  but THESE are UGLY!

Luckily, I remembered I'd recently purchased a clearance vinyl tablecloth at Target...  And I do love these colors!


Huge improvement, IMO.

The nook was really coming along... But wait... Something is missing...

COLOR!  Lucky for me, I had a little bit of Behr paint left from an earlier project:
Behr: Sweet Rhapsody

On the other side of the room (this big ginormous room) I was still finalizing the bed placement.  This is what I finally decided on:
The bed doesn't have a headboard, so I hung a Paris IKEA picture as a replacement.  I also had an IKEA hanging light which (I thought) fit nicely above the bed.  The downside?  The light had to be plugged in to work but did not have an on/off switch... So unplugging it was the only way to turn it off.  #firstworldproblems

I lived with the room like this for about a year and a half before I realized I hated it.  I only went in there when I had to get something, & whenever I did that, I hated it!  I did little fixes whenever I had breaks from school.  I painted the wall behind the bed with the Blue Rhapsody, the rest of the walls with a light blue, & also painted my wooden IKEA side table:

As pictured earlier in unfinished version.
In November of 2013, a friend called to let me know they'd be visiting for the holidays & I offered to let them stay with us.  As soon as they accepted, I went into crazy redesign mode!  I moved the furniture, gave away the stuff I had grown to dislike, & organized like I'd never organized before! Here is the current state of our large spare room:

The nook today
"I love lamp."

The office space is a little disorganized, but not too bad.

Want to learn more about my paint chip wall?  Click here!

This chair had an ugly black, burlap-type fabric before.  Rainbow chevron to the rescue!!

Eventually I would like a nice, comfy armchair for this corner.
LOVE these rainbow drawers for craft supplies!
I've given this great chest a couple coats of gray primer, but I'm not sure what I want it to look like just yet.
We'll leave it like this for now...
Found a great idea for an easy wood crate shelf on Pinterest!
Cost me about $20, including crates and white spray paint.

I painted this on a canvas after seeing it on the new Disney 2014 merchandise.  I'm a huge Disney freak... Did you know?  Click here to read my post entitled "Disney Trip Tips"!

Speaking of Disney, here's where I display my Disneyland Tiki Room postcard set and my Disney World 40th Anniversary guide map.  I'm obsessed.
I made this great corner shelf a few years ago.  Blog post about how to DIY coming soon!
The space opposite the desk.  Eventually that chest of drawers will get a makeover!

IKEA side table drawers.  It came unfinished so I painted them & added some great Hobby Lobby knobs!

Look at these super cute knobs!!!
Just look at them!!!!
This is a family piece that we've had for a while.  I thought about repainting it, but all it really needed was a good cleaning.  I also spray painted the knobs.  I like it!
Facing the door.

I love this nook!

I believe the 5 year journey of the large spare bedroom is now complete.  I love this layout, I love this room, & I love the feeling I have when I'm in here.  What do you think of my redesign?  Comment below!