Saturday, August 10, 2013

Latitude & Longitude Lines

Each year, my students wrestle with the concept of map projections.  "Which direction is north?" I ask.  Inevitably, several students point toward the ceiling.  Face palm!

Our brains are trained to think of the world with England at the center, Antarctica at the bottom, and (seemingly) two Pacific Oceans separated by the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, & Australia.  From the first week, I try to break them of this habit.  I show a brief powerpoint of as many map projections as I can find.  I pull the globe off it's mount and flip it upside down. 

I've done something a little different this year.  With a roll of masking tape and a sharpie, I've given Obertopia our own Equator and Prime Meridian!

A simple idea, but it made a big impact during open house and the first days of school.  Just make sure to remove it if you're giving a map quiz!  :)

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