Friday, July 12, 2013

The End of Summer Vacation

Summertime for teachers.

Sorry, we're closed!

It is such a wonderful time of year!  As an educator, I love having breaks from school.  And not because I hate my job or teach for the breaks!  Teaching can be really stressful.  Most teachers LOVE their students and enjoy teaching.  However, our students tend to give us reasons to worry.  Here are some common things teachers worry about:
  • Did I teach the content well enough today?
  • Do my students have a loving, supportive home environment?
  • Do my students feel cared for and respected in my classroom?
  • Why was _______ absent today?  I hope they're alright.
  • I have so many papers to grade!  I'll never be done!
This is serious, people.
  • Oh no! I forgot about that meeting this morning and I still have to finish my lesson plan!
  • Did I make copies before I left?
  • Did I answer that parent email?
  • Did I update my website?
  • When are grades due?
  • It's hard for me to understand what this student is trying to say...
how... why... wha...
  • Are my students ready for their test/quiz/presentation?
  • I know if this student would just work a little harder/do their homework/study/come to tutoring they would do SO much better in my class!
  • Why can't I get in touch with ___________'s parents?
  • Oh no! I just got an angry parent email!
  • Oh no! Someone's telling me my class is too easy!
  • Oh no! Someone's telling my my class is too hard!
  • I woke up sick.  How am I going to make a lesson plan for my sub when I'm too sick to get out of bed?
This is just a small list of what teachers worry about.  It might sound overdramatic, but please trust me... This is for real!  Therefore, summer break gives me a chance to completely let go of all these worries.  Breaks during the school year (such as spring break) are nice too, but since classes are still in session, they are not as freeing as summer break.
That being said, summer break is about to end.


Yes, it's true.  But instead of being upset about it, I would like to start a movement of GRATEFULNESS!  The best thing to do when you feel sad, upset, angry, etc. is to get your mind off the thing that is upsetting you and try to think positive.  So let's make a list of the things we're grateful for!  I'll go first...

Mrs. O's Gratefulness List
  • Even though waking up early is tough, there's always coffee!!!
Lots and lots of coffee...
I really, really like coffee...
  • I soon get to meet over a hundred new students and teach them to love social studies as I do!
  • I'll appreciate Saturdays again.  (During the summer, every day is Saturday.  This is nice, but sometimes boring.)
  • I soon get to go on a trip to my favorite place in the entire world!!!!
This place!!!!!  WOOT!
  • Bring on the motivation!  I am way more motivated to get things done during the school year.  Bring it!
  • I really enjoy setting up my classroom (which I've nicknamed Obertopia) for the year.  Organization makes me happy!!
See!?  I'm happy!
  • Fall is coming soon, which means cooler weather and college football!
  • Speaking of football, we get to visit my brother in Athens this year!  I'm pumped!
  • In just a few weeks, I'll get to experience the hilarious stories of 6th graders again.
  •  I also get to look forward to the random & awesome pictures that inevitably come when you teach 6th grade:

This student knew how much I love Disney so she got this picture signed by all these characters at Disney World.  So thoughtful!

I love unicorns!

  •  The 3rd (and final) Divergent novel is coming out this fall.  I am really looking forward to reading this book and it cannot come soon enough!
  • I get to help students make it to THIS:
  • To round out my list for today, I'll include a picture that was sent to me by my late godmother.  Her name was Laurie and she lost her battle to cancer last August.  I miss her very much.
My #1 goal of my classroom (Obertopia).
So what are you grateful for?  As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  As summer break ends, let's try to choose grateful thoughts instead of dwelling on the impending school year.  Besides, this year will be over before you know it!  Trust me!


  1. I'm grateful for YOU, your positivity, your wisdom, and enthusiasm....onward and upward!

  2. Great outlook! Thanks for sharing!