Saturday, July 20, 2013

Super Easy Picket Fence Headboard

In our home we have a few extra bedrooms.  Even though we don't currently need them and they sit mostly unused, it drove me nuts that they weren't decorated.  However, I'm pretty frugal, so I wanted a cheap solution.  The room I wanted to finish had only a small nightstand and a twin box spring/mattress set.  While perusing the aisles at Home Depot one fine day, I found some awesome pickets!  You know... These things:
$1.42 a piece at Home Depot.  4 ft tall and 4 in wide.
I bought 6 of them, along with 2 cross pieces.  I white-washed (before assembly) the sides that were going to face the room.  The white wash was half-water, half-paint.  Side note: If you want a lighter white wash and would like more wood grain to show, then use more water than paint.  Once dry, I spaced the pickets out the width of the bed (a twin).  I measured and cut my cross pieces to fit the width.
I wanted both cross pieces to show, so I made sure to place them high enough to be visible over the mattress/box spring height.

As soon as I had the pickets right where I wanted them, I screwed the entire thing together.  Recommendation: Use your level!  If you screw the whole thing together and are ready to install, you'll be disappointed if it's crooked.  Screw all 12 joints for maximum stability. 

I picked my location and screwed the entire headboard into the studs using 4 screws.  If you do not hit a stud, you may want to use toggle bolts or anchors.
Sweet Dreams!

Next step: I need to paint that side-table!  Maybe next weekend...

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