Monday, January 21, 2013

Three-Day Weekends

Three-day weekends!  Everyone loves them!  Teachers, especially!
During the week, I feel so tired when I get home that the weekend is usually just my time to relax and sleep in.  However, three-day weekends bring motivation to work around the house.  So this weekend, I painted our master bathroom.
I like to listen to music while I work around the house.  Today's chosen music was music from Walt Disney World (provided by  I prefer to do the trim first before breaking out the roller.  Trimming free-hand is the only way for me because the blue masking tape takes too much time and it never produces the results I want.  Once I got my coffee and my music, I was ready to go!

Paint color: Cathedral Gray by Behr

The original color of the walls can be seen in the upper right of this photo.  It could be compared to a light buttery cream yellow.  It matched the trim exactly and has been this color since we moved in.

Trimming free-hand with a paint brush.  It's like therapy!!!

Once I finished painting, I placed our rotating fan in the bathroom overnight and let it dry.

The next day, I added some fun details.  I found this great owl hook at Hobby Lobby.  I purchased it when it was 50% off.  I bought two but I haven't decided where to put the 2nd one yet. 

I love these arches.  They were original with the home but they pop so much more with the new gray paint.

More beautiful arch-work!

These hanging basket bag thingies (their official name ;) are from IKEA.  They are perfect for the bathroom!

This was a wedding gift from my Aunt Debbie.  It was already up before the paint, but it looks much better with the gray.

Another Hobby Lobby find!  This owl was also 50% off, so it cost about $7.  Amazing!!

I purchased this unique piece from a local Facebook garage sale group.  I had to have it!  I've never seen anything like it.  I like how it kind of looks like a window.

Here's the 2nd hanging basket bag thingie that came in the set from IKEA.  It's a little bit smaller than the other one.

Bamboo is the perfect bathroom plant!  I've had this one since 2004.

Besides painting the bathroom, I also wrapped up a project I've been working on for a few weeks.  Ben bought me this awesome painting for Christmas last year.  It came with a massive frame that's about 8 inches thick.  I love the painting, but was not crazy about the color of the frame.  I primed the frame with white spray paint, then stained it with gray Minwax stain.  Take a look at the before & after:

Tomorrow it's time to go back to work, but coming home each day will be more enjoyable now that these tasks are done.  Three-day weekends are the best!!

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