Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Silent Lunch

Had to share a quick, funny story.  It has to do with classroom management a little bit, so I thought this would be the perfect place to share it!  :)

I work really hard during the beginning of the school year to create an organized, well-managed classroom.  One of the most important things to manage is behavior.  If you spend the necessary time on classroom management at the start of the year, it WILL save you LOADS of time "down the road."  Since I spend so much time managing behavior earlier in the year, I rarely have behavior issues (**knock on wood!**). 

One of my pet peeves in seeing/hearing loud classes in the hallway.  It is very important to me that my class is quiet while walking in the hallway so we do not disturb other classes in session.  I'm pretty flexible about this... If they're whispering, then I'll let it slide.  But YESTERDAY, I found a violator!!!!  ;)

I'll admit, the kid wasn't talking too loud.  But I saw him talking and I couldn't ignore it.  For the sake of this story, the student will be called "Fred."

I said, "Fred, silent lunch!"
Fred was very compliant.  He did not argue.  He did not complain.  

And then.... I forgot I gave Fred silent lunch.

So today, we go to lunch.  I sit down.  I see Fred at the silent lunch table.  

I smile at Fred and say, "Is this for Mrs. Smith*?"  (*name changed)
 He opens his eyes real wide, smiles, and yells, "No, for you!"  
I say, "For me?!"  
...And Fred proceeds to remind me about what I said the day before. 

I immediately start laughing.  
He says, "You mean I could have sat over there and you wouldn't have remembered?!"  
He's also laughing.  
I say, "Yes, but now you've reminded me so you'll have to serve it."  

Now, you may think this sounds mean and cruel, but you should know I gave him my applesauce.  :)

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