Friday, March 9, 2012

Canadian Environmental Issues 'Pass-Around'

I am always trying to fill my portfolio with potential group activities.  Occasionally, I'll be driving around and an idea will POP into my head!  That is just what happened with this activity.

Our latest standard is "SS6G7" (which stands for Social Studies 6th Geography standard #7).  It says "Students will explain the major environmental concerns of Canada regarding acid rain and pollution of the Great Lakes, the extraction and use of natural resources on the Canadian Shield, and timber resources." All this really means is know what the issues are, what's causing them, and how it's affecting Canada. 

So I found 8 pieces of 11x17 paper.  8 pieces because my room is broken into 8 learning teams.  Each paper was given a specific heading and a question.  Every student had a resource book with information about the environmental issue.  All groups were given a different colored marker.  They were told to answer the questions as a group and they had 3 minutes.  When the timer went off, they were to pass the paper to the next group.

My two rules:
1) No one gets a free ride (everyone participates)
2) You cannot say something another group has already said.

Here's (generally) what they looked like:

Whenever a group got a new poster, they did 3 things that reinforced the material:
1) They read the question and the answers of all the previous groups.
2) They checked their resource to see what they could put.
3) They discussed (and argued-constructively) about what to write for their groups answer.

Maybe you can use this in your class, or modify it to fit your current standard...?  It has a lot of potential and can fit lots of different scenarios. 

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