Saturday, February 11, 2012

Teacher by Day, Crafter by Night

Teaching sometimes takes a lot out of a person.  Most nights and weekends, I am either a couch potato or frantically finishing school assignments.  But every now and then, inspiration hits and I become a crafting fiend!  Here are a few examples of creations from the past few years, with credit due to all the crafters I've discovered on Etsy and Pinterest.

Bunny Felt Ornaments
These first two were gifts for my Nanny and my Aunt Debbie.  They are bunny ornaments created with felt, fabric scraps, needle, and thread.

Rainbow Cake
I baked this cake for Thanksgiving with my Mom's side of the family.  I found the idea online and was instantly intrigued!  Who wouldn't love a rainbow cake?!

Up House Pottery Painting
Here was my attempt at creating an Up house.  I have been very unhappy with the lack of Up art memorabilia available out there!  I've looked everywhere for figurines, posters, artwork with little success.  I tried!

Nintendo Painting
Painting this Nintendo scene (using acrylic paint on canvas) took about 5 hours, but it turned out awesome!  It was a Christmas gift for a friend.  I love making Christmas gifts!

Monster Garland
This monster garland was created especially for my sister.  It took a while to make it because it required a lot of little pieces.  The stitching, however, was really simple and I think it turned out great!

Hat Dinosaur Art
This dinosaur painting was inspired by my brother's facebook profile picture.  Why this was his picture, I have no idea... But I have a hard time deciding what to get him for Christmas.  I used cardstock for the dinosaur, hat, and speech bubble.

Batman Painting
This was was for my husband who happens to be a big fan of Batman.  The night before Christmas, I felt like I hadn't gotten him enough for Christmas, so I put a few more things together at the last minute.  Acrylic paint on a canvas.  The silver outlining was done in Sharpie.  It made a nice addition to his collection.

Owl Pillows with Robert Kaufman Fabric
I found an AMAZING fabric on Etsy.  I couldn't wait to make pillows with it!!!  Super easy stitching with my trusty sewing machine.

Damask Projection Painting
This painting has added some nice artwork to our home.  It looks great but was so easy!  I found a great damask print online and printed it onto a transparency sheet.  Then I used an overhead projector to trace the print onto a large canvas.  The most difficult part was painting in the lines.  Love it!

Birch Tree Wall Art
I absolutely love the vinyl wall art that you can get of the internet.  The downside is the price.  A large piece of vinyl wall art can cost hundreds of dollars.  Instead, I found some birch tree patterns online and printed a transparency sheet for an overhead projector.  It took several weeks because I would lose steam and quit for a while.  I traced the entire thing in pencil, then left it that way for several days.  The painting took multiple coats, so that gobbled up most of the time.  But now that it's done, I love it!  And when I get tired of it, I can just paint over it!

Plate Hanging Around the TV
On Pinterest, I discovered a pin that taught how a simple safety pin could be used to hang small plates.  AMAZING!  I've owned the two medium sized plates on either side of the TV for years, thanks to my Nanny.  The others were thrift store finds.  Woo hoo!

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