Sunday, February 19, 2012

Side Table Side Project

When I moved into my home, I was low on furniture (and money).  It overwhelmed me to think of furnishing the whole place!  Then, my family and friends stepped in and basically gave me half of my furniture!  Second hand recliners, coffee tables, loveseats... Really great stuff!

My Aunt Lynn gave me a pair of these side tables:

When I got them, they were entirely the dark brown color, so I painted the top in two tones and also painted the hardware.  They weren't my style, but they've served us well over the past few years.  I recently saw some pictures on Pinterest of repainted thrift store/garage sale furniture and I was inspired!!!

Last night, Ben and I went to Home Depot and purchased a big can of primer.  While continuing through the paint section, I found a pair of these beauties:

 50 cent paint samples!  And it looked like just enough paint to cover up my side tables!  Of course, I bought both of them.  I couldn't contain myself, so I started priming this morning.

 And after two coats of primer, I completed the first coat of paint:

I started to feel frustrated with the thought of putting the old drawer pulls back on until I realized I had these...

I bought them for $7 at IKEA a couple years ago and they did not fit the project I had planned.  But the big question... Would they miraculously fit this drawer?!?!

Perfect fit!

After I completed two coats of paint, I let it dry.  Finally, I took some sand paper to the edges and gave it a bit of a distressed look.  Voila!


Before & After

Such an improvement!  I love how they look now, and all it took was some primer, a paint sample, sand paper, $7 hardware, and a weekend of work.  Do you have any old furniture you've been meaning to rejuvenate?

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